Semi pro singer. Dabbled in many rock genres. Was part of a four-piece prog metal group but over the years my taste mellowed. More of a audioslave, iron maiden, clutch, wolf mother,royal blood person now. I have a passion for blues, hard rock, heavy blues rock/metal, african traditonal folk music and punk (sometimes). I also listen to other types of music to expand my creativity as a muscian. I seek to be part of a band.

  • Vocal

  • Styles

    • Heavy Metal
    • Punk
    • Hard'n'Heavy
    • Blues Rock
    • Hard Rock
    • Soul Rock


    • Stone Sour
    • Killswitch Engage
    • Royal Blood
    • Iron Maiden
    • Theory Of A Deadman
    • Wolfmother
    • Black Label Society
    • Muse