Clash of Clans, a mobile strategy game, which was developed by Supercell is among the most frequently played games on smartphones. It lets players build their village and train troops. You can also fight against other players for black elixir, gold and elixir. Clans play a role in the game that allows gamers to form clans and build their own and battle against clans from other clans. Clash of Clans has become one of the most popular and most lucrative mobile games of the past, with millions of players aroun

  • DJ

  • Styles

    • Rap


    • Find instruments or gear
    • Lear to play an instrument
    • Lear to read/ write music
    • Meet people to learn from
    • Meet people to play with
    • Meet people to jam with
    • Find music teachers
    • Find music schools
    • Start a band
    • Join a band
    • Find a sub for my band
    • Find more and better gigs
    • Teach music and/or my instruments
    • Start music projects
    • Make (more) money from my performances
    • Organize events
    • Promote events
    • Get more exposure
    • Networking with industry
    • Become a star