Area 52's main emphasis is placed on medical cannabis products, mostly on the delta-8-THC. According to founder Adam Wathen : "The biggest pitfall of purchasing delta-8 THC is the absence of standardization in terms of the standardization of potency and quality standards. In some places the delta-8 potency may be too weak to make a meaningful medical application." The brand is intended for adults who wish to minimize exposure to THC but want to be able to smoke their herbal blends, with therapeutic benefits. This company is not about to start dispensing marijuana anytime soon. However, in line with the cannabis industry's penchant for exploration, there is considerable talk within the medical marijuana community of clinical trials with this product. If the CBD market can show that it has the highest healing benefits when compared to other medicinal cannabis products, then it is highly likely that the delta-8 potency will also show benefits of its own. For now, however, the company is focused upon developing two products specifically for the area. They are called Area 52 Devil's Blood and Area 52 Hemp Head. The pure delta 8 THC tinctures (or pure delta 9ths) have been manufactured by pharmaceutical giants. These companies are capable of producing standardized dosages which comply with the regulations set out by the FDA. There is no doubt that these products are effective. The question is whether or not they are safe. This is where the side effects controversy comes into play. The way delta-8-THC products interact with a person's body, or in this case, a patient's body, varies greatly. That is why there are currently three different companies manufacturing pure delta-8-THC tinctures. All three of these companies use a step-by-step process in producing the tinctures, a process that does not eliminate the possibility of drug interactions. Nonetheless, there is enough evidence out there that some potential interactions do appear to exist between delta-8-THC products and specific drugs.

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