Music studio in Lisbon that provides production, recording, mixing and mastering services. We have our own label that can release music worldwide. Main speciality is Mixing Records. Our main reference is Manny Marroquin. We're a Music Studio with a team of some of the best Portuguese musicians working worldwide with our prices lower than US or UK's. Reach us for feedback on your work and for budgets. We handle all kind of work. From scratch to the finishing touches. With the propose of achieving high quality productions here we have a portfolio with some of the top musicians in multiple genres. Our goal is to get the best song and performance first! Only then we worry about getting the best quality recording possible. It's a chain process but we feel the need to handle less clients to spend the amount of time we think is needed to get the best song possible. We handle everything music related. Songwriting, arranging, string & horns, soundtracks, sound design, instrument parts with no genre limitation. We can also provide accommodation for bands that wish to come and spend time here. We're south of Lisbon and have the best view, beach and food at amazing prices. For quotes, contact us.

R. Cândido Figueiredo 87D
00351 917 488515


  • Mon - Sun : 10h00 - 22h00