Type of Studio: recording Services: Vocal Tracking Band Tracking Location Recording Field Recording Internship Opening Available Rates: Rehearsal Room Rental $16.12/hr Digital recording studio in southern Milan, Italy. 20 sq meters recording room, good sounding and with variable acoustic response, with complete drumkit, bass amp, 3 guit amp, upright piano, PA system. Separate control room equipped with PT 10 HD system, Audient Sumo analog summing, Control 24, preamps by SSL, Manley, Heritage Audio, SPL, Focusrite, Presonus, Roland. 24 simultaneous audio tracks. Mics by Neumann, Se Electronics, Shure, Akg, Electrovoice. Recording, editing, mixing, post production and Mastering services with affordable rates per hour. Among the credits Janet Gray, CJ Hamilton, Bruce Sudano, Matteo Catenazzi, Delsaceleste, Fabrizio Mirone, the Close, Marco Da Rold, Luigi Manfrin. Equipment: Console(s) Yamaha MX 12/6 Recorders/Playback zoom h4 * Monitoring/Speakers Wharfedale Pro Evp 15 (2) Microphones Shure SM 58 (3) Equalization Behringer Ultra Curve Pro 8024 Instruments Yamaha Stage Custom Noveau Yamaha P70 Yamaha U1 H upright piano * Amplifiers VOX Valvetronix AD100VT-XL Epiphone Blues Custom 30 all-tube combo Roland Cube 60 Guitar amplifier Trace Elliot 715x Bass Amp Mesa Boogie 2x12 slanted semi open back

Via Val Maggia, 6 Milano, Milano, MI, 20139, IT
(+39) 02 78627813


  • Mon - Sun : 09h00 - 22h00