Type of Studio: recording Services: Vocal Tracking Band Tracking Mixing Analogue Summing Location Recording Mastering Vinyl Mastering Tape Transfers Audio Restoration Editing Online Mastering Online Mixing Welcome to our studio. We do all kinds of recording works, Mastering ... Our Studio is an absolut smoking studio! This means, yes you are allowed to smoke everywhere! Wanna record Rock Indie and stuff you are very welcome. We don´t do everything, we choose what we take, so be sure you have lovely music with you. Non Commercial Output till now... We just love music, you should as well. Equipment: Recorders/Playback MOTU 192 Prismsound Conversion/Sync Prismsound Monitoring/Speakers Yamaha NS 10 Event 20/20 Microphones AKG 4000 Rode Shure Instruments Bass Guitars Drums and Percussion Synthesizer Amplifiers Yamaha Bass Amp Roland Jazz Chorus 120

Rotermundstrasse, Hannover, Niedersachsen, 30169, DE


  • Mon - Sun : 09h00 - 22h00